¿Qué hizo Chris Chan? Detalles sobre cargos de incesto y ‘Confesión’ de audio

El YouTuber y la personalidad de Internet Chris Chan comparecieron ante el tribunal el 6 de agosto, cinco días después de ser arrestados por incesto.

Conocido en Internet como Chris Chan, el creador de Sonichu es una mujer transgénero cuyo nombre completo es Christine Weston Chandler.

Chandler, de 39 años, está detenida en la Cárcel Regional de Virginia Central después de ser arrestada a principios de esta semana luego de acusaciones de que ha estado teniendo una relación sexual con su madre.

En la audiencia, Chandler se enteró de que la retendrían sin derecho a fianza, lo que supuestamente le hizo «[stamp} her feet in frustration» with the judge’s decision.

What did Chris Chan do to cause her arrest on incest charges?

Chandler was arrested and charged with incest two days after an audio recording purported to be Chandler admitting to acts of incest was leaked online.

Police confirmed that they had «received information involving sex crimes against a family member, who resides in the Ruckersville area” before Chandler was arrested.

Chris Chan allegedly confessed to incest in a leaked audio recording.

In the audio, a voice believed to be Chandler discusses embarking on a relationship with her 79-year-old mother, Barbara.

“I encouraged her positively but let her make the first move,” the voice said to be Chandler can be heard saying in the audio. She also references having sexual dreams about her mother and refers to Sigmund Freud’s “Oedipus complex.”

“We have been doing it every third night and the first night was on June 27,” Chandler says of their sexual encounters.

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Chris Chan’s mother reportedly has dementia.

According to some outlets, Barbara has dementia. She has not been arrested on any incest charges.

In the recording, Chandler implies her mother may not have been fully aware of what was happening.

“She was partially confused at one point but then she came around, obviously,” she says.

Chan is being categorized as a male in prison.

Despite being a transgender woman, Chandler’s categorisation was changed from female to male in the prison’s custody system shortly after her arrest.

It is unclear whether or not Chandler is being housed with female inmates. She is currently completing quarantine protocols in the Virginia jail.

«I’ve had an interaction with inmate Chandler and it’s been fine,» Captain Hoffman, the prison’s captain said in response to a question about Chandler’s well-being. «Everything is okay.»

Chan faces a 10 year prison sentence.

Under Virginia law, Chandler could face a prison term of no less than 1 year or up to 10 years if found guilty.

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She also faces fines of up to $2500. The investigation into the incest allegations is ongoing and more charges could be added.

Chandler has been the subject of an online trolling campaign since 2007 on the alt-right website 4chan. She has been stalked, hacked and doxxed and has had trolls pose as her romantic partners online and in real life.

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